‘As The Day Passes’/‘Flies High’ — The Ivies — Double single review

Spread across sides A and B, the fledgling Liverpool-based psychedelic rock outfit, The Ivies, have just dropped their first singles. ‘As The Day Passes’ and ‘Flies High’ are the self-released triumphs of the band, and they’re well worth a listen…

Image credit: The Ivies

First off, you’ll notice in both that they’ve drawn on influences and inspiration from heavyweights such as The Beatles, Radiohead and Pink Floyd, but their ears are swayed by what derived from the ‘60s and ‘70s, too. Respectable leanings indeed.

Recording between patches of self-isolation has posed its issues for The Ivies, but you wouldn’t know it from the output. Rather than fast chord changes, you’ve got to the slick movement of notes within chords on ‘As The Day Passes’, while the B-side, ‘Flies High’, harbours some lyrical similarities to the A-side. Hence their dual release.

So, there you have it — a new talent to emerge this September. Get following The Ivies on Instagram, and you can hear the tunes on Spotify.

Image credit: The Ivies

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