‘Come When They Call Labour’ — Enfers — EP review

Enfers took merely a bite out of the pre-pandemic apple before the music scene was cruelly snatched away. But, instead of sitting back and dwelling, they just got on and made inroads into their stellar set of new releases. Now, the singles we’ve previously heard have been tumbled into this cracking EP, ‘Come When They Call Labour’. It’s four fabulous tracks of sheer, unapologetic enjoyment.

You’ll recall ‘Awake’, the second of their originally deployed singles, which is the first tune on the EP. While meaty guitar riffs underpin it, the ‘80s called — and they want their slick synths back! But it’s ‘The Circuit’ that very much captures the essence of indie-pop. Its modern production is evident throughout, but it somehow still smacks of a jangly Elton John or Queen hit. Delicious.

On-point songwriting further comes into its own on ‘Waiting Rooms’, a song that urges you to consider what’s paying the bills and whether it’s part of the ongoing trajectory that you see for yourself. And adding a palatable softness to the bunch is the final track, ‘Heaven In A Wildflower’. What a title.

So, as you’ll hear when you give ‘Come When They Call Labour’ a spin, the Leeds-based band entirely nails their brief — that’s right, catchy hooks are go, alright.

Image credit: Enfers via Hanglands

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