‘When We Grow Up’ — Apollo Junction — Single review

The road ahead is paved very smoothly for Leeds’ Apollo Junction. The Britpop rockers have a string of huge gig dates booked, with CarFest and the Isle of Wight Festival leading the way. They’ll also be supporting Kaiser Chiefs and The Pigeon Detectives, alongside playing a series of their own shows later in 2021. And if that’s not exciting enough, they now even share an agent with The Courteeners and, wait for it… none other than Aerosmith. Wild times.

Prior to releasing their sophomore album, ‘All In’, which is due out in November, they’re back again with another killer single. ‘When We Grow Up’ is a reflective piece with a what-changes-when-you-get-older spin, and the supplementary video is made up of spliced-together fan clips from the past year. So, there’s certainly something special about this track.

The melody hinges on textbook, shoegazy guitar riffs that any indie outfit would be proud of, with cushion-soft vocals against a rhythm provided by steady drums. It’s less feisty than some of their previous offerings, but very much balladic in its delivery.

Eager to stream it? Head to Spotify now. And if you’re not yet following Apollo Junction’s socials, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the places to be.

Image credit: Apollo Junction

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