‘Not the Way I Used To Be’ — Paul Mullen — Single review

While hailing from East Kilbride, the Scottish singer-songwriter Paul Mullen is going places. With a handful of gigs penned in and a brand-new single, ‘Not the Way I Used To Be’, now out for all our ears to hear, the 24-year-old’s future is rosy. 

The track’s more than five minutes long, making it bang-for-your-buck stuff, and it’s a certified tune if you’re into your guitar-charged material. There’s a distinctly shoegazy feel to the melody, which leans on many Britpop influences. Mullen’s vocals are clear and wistful, and the steady-paced strums of the strings are seamless against the soft drums. 

If you’re after a reflective gem that’s an easy listen, you’ll want to sink into this. You can stream it on Spotify now, along with Mullen’s previous releases. Follow all his goings on over on Instagram and Facebook, too.

Image credit: Paul Mullen via B12 Entertainment

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