‘Movie Screens’ — The A.V. Club — Single review

The A.V. Club are gaining momentum. The Warrington-based outfit is back with yet another sensational single, ‘Movie Screens’. It’s in keeping with their throwback-style aesthetic and is one hell of a delightful indie bop.

This ultra-catchy, synth-led piece was written by lead singer, Joe Banks, but the whole band has got behind it and made it instrumentally their own. We’re talking steady guitar riffs, stabbing drums and dreamy backing vocals. All the while, the lyrics explore the notion of superficial, vicarious experiences through the medium of film, and how that impacts on us in the real, tangible world. Of course, it’s all pulled off and coated with an indie-pop sheen that makes you want to play it on repeat.

It’s a piece that’ll be well received by fans of Sea Girls, The 1975 and so on, and you can stream it now via Spotify. Keep tabs on The A.V. Club’s upcoming releases on Facebook and Instagram, and you can revisit our interview with them here.

Image credit: The A.V. Club

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