Record Weekly: A brief origin

We’ve all seen the ‘how it started vs. how it’s going’ posts and, yeah, they’re usually somewhere between funny and annoying. But while I’m currently crafting some Record Weekly expansion plans, it dawned on me that I started this site around six years ago, not long before graduating from uni. So, maybe now’s not such a bad time for that kind of slightly personal comparison post.

I was obsessed with anonymity when I opened the blog; I wanted to review albums and pen my critique but do so under the radar. It was just neater and more enjoyable that way. But while being elusive has had its perks, during the full-scale rebrand of the site in 2020, it became apparent that showing that there’s a human behind a screen would, figuratively speaking, pay dividends.

The site’s had multiple makeovers, with customising the backgrounds and functionality every so often keeping things fresh. The original, somewhat stale weekly posting of one standout record has also been ousted in favour of much more regular features that span interviews, reviews, evergreen articles and more. Changing the game has afforded me the chance to work directly with artists, plus management and PR companies as well, and that’s not slowing…

It’s very exciting and there’s stacks in the pipeline, so it’s worth me giving a nod to how Record Weekly originated. It’s been a journey and I’m not stopping the ride.


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