‘Stopclocks’ — Future Colours — Single review

You’ll recall back in April when the Inverclyde duo Future Colours dropped their debut single, ‘You Don’t Have To Be Alone’. What a triumph it was, and now they’re back with the delicate follow-up, ‘Stopclocks’. 

Stabbing drums, almost echoing but steady riffs, and soft, twanged vocals that are true to the band’s roots and accent take centre stage here. But as the track progresses, things get even gentler to the point of fading to a close, which cleverly plays on the transcending final lyrics, “we will burn out”. On the strength of these ingredients that the pair have stirred in to simmer, I detect very melodic notes not dissimilar to Silversun Pickups or Band of Horses, too. A nice comparison.

While this duo are still relatively new on the scene, it’s evident that they’re wasting no time in releasing material. This drip-feeding of songs will hopefully continue from now on, too. 

You won’t want to be out of the loop with any upcoming Future Colours projects or news, so get following them on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

Image credit: Future Colours

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