‘Bring Me Down’ — Reilly James — Single review

The club beats Reilly James started producing back in 2018 are long gone here on his immersive new record, ‘Bring Me Down’. In fact, you’ll instantly notice his ease with the indie genre instead. The 23-year-old singer and DJ from the north-west has crafted his own electronic blend of indie that has je ne sais quoi and then some — kudos. 

Image credit: Reilly James via MLR Management

This ripper of a new single fuses dynamic dance sounds with playful indie-rock guitars to a tee. While Reilly James’ previous tracks have already enjoyed airtime on Amazing Radio and with BBC Introducing, this fun, sugar-coated melody should be picked up in no time, too. 

It’s the quieter, almost twinkling notes you can detect in the chorus and the general wistfulness that both make this track so joyful for me. There’s a familiarity and a catchiness to it for sure, so you just can’t help but play it on loop — especially if modern-day indie-pop is your bag. 

You can listen to ‘Bring Me Down’ for yourself on Spotify and follow Reilly James on Instagram and Facebook. What’re you waiting for? 

Image credit: MLR Management

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