‘Pictures’ — Taxi With Strangers — Double single review

The gentle, tender ‘Pictures’ is the latest release from Taxi With Strangers, which comes in two equally blissful parts. The four-piece Lancaster band have taken influence from various artists, including The Smiths and Sports Team, but this pair of new tracks are uniquely mellow and unpretentious to the outfit’s sole credit. 

This isn’t any form of debut for Taxi With Strangers. If you aren’t yet familiar with their material, you’ll find a few songs to sink your teeth into on Spotify

But these new ones are completely led by piano keys, which automatically positions them as more delicate offerings. Just-picked guitar strings and ultra-soft drums begin to smudge into the overall sound from two minutes onwards on ‘Pictures Pt. 1’, but they kick in earlier to complement the powerful vocals on ‘Pictures Pt. 2’. Although they obviously have their striking similarities, I’d say the latter is the one I favour just a touch more, for its particularly refined harmonies. 

Their confident yet measured approach to indie/alternative music is certainly worth sticking around for, so keep your eyes and ears on their Instagram and Facebook accounts for more.

Image credit: Taxi With Strangers

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