‘lonely’ — Rosie Charles — Single review

Serving us a soulful segment among this week’s new releases is Rosie Charles, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter and dentistry student from London, with lungs to rival Amy Winehouse’s. Powerhouse yet velvety-soft, Rosie’s vocal harmonies put her in pole position to take on the world of pop-meets-R&B.

Just seconds into ‘lonely’, I get a real sense of Corinne Bailey Rae. Gentle tinkling notes and token guitar strings are forged with a steady drum beat, which match Rosie’s pitches expertly and create this chilled, mellow track that’s really addictive.

Rosie isn’t just skilled lyrically; she’s taught herself to play not only the piano but the guitar, ukulele and drums over the years, too. No mean feat at all. She has also received support from the BBC and MTV. Going places? I think so.

You can spin this sultry single on Spotify now, and give Rosie Charles a follow on Instagram.

Image credit: Rosie Charles

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