‘Are You Satisfied?’ — Oh Romance — Single review

Ticking all the boxes this sunny Friday, Oh Romance’s debut single ‘Are You Satisfied?’ is a belter. Pure and simple. The indie/alt-rock outfit hail from Glasgow, a thriving breeding ground for immensely talented artists, so they fit right in. So much so, they’ve even recently been featured on BBC Introducing Scotland.

You’ll find everything bar the kitchen sink in this song: catchy hooks, fiercely confident vocals and even a ripper of a guitar solo. The band have interlaced intricate details into this track, which demonstrates their capability to create a rock record, but also give our ears something worthy of the current alternative style. It’s the punchiness that makes this something I know I’m going to have on loop for a while. 

They have their own identity completely, but the band’s drawn nicely on their influences. You’ll pick up on bits of Foals here and Peace there, with elements of Miles Kane and Arctic Monkeys also stirred in. Plus, they’ve got a touch of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s raw-meets-refined niche going on. 

This is the band’s first official endeavour, so give it the spins it deserves on Spotify. For all the latest news and updates, follow Oh Romance on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Image credit: Oh Romance
Image credit: Oh Romance

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