‘W.L.’ — The Snuts — Album review

It’s Easter weekend and I’m having a pint while I review The Snuts’ debut album. This seems fitting, as the album’s playful fervour is just what the doctor ordered.

Now, regular readers will know it’s not unusual (so hard to type without thinking of Tom Jones) for Record Weekly to feature Glaswegian bands, but The Snuts are edging towards the mainstream cusp far more so than other outfits I’ve reviewed. This first release of theirs has been hotly tipped and widely anticipated, so you can bet it’s got some sensational tracks to satisfy our ears. If your first foray into their catalogue was ‘Elephants’, I can assure you that you’re in for a treat… or at least 17 (deluxe edition speaking).

‘Juan Belmonte’ is another favourite, of course, but ‘Glasgow’ is a touching tune you’re bound to enjoy for its contrasting softness. The one I rate the most? Probably ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’. It’s an upbeat, jangly groove that’ll have you up on your feet in seconds. If it’s the sort of funky song that’s bound to yield the radio plays, you know it’s the pinnacle of indie-rock. And that’s why it reaches the upper echelon for me. It’s not dissimilar to the vibes of ‘Elephant’ either, and who wouldn’t want an extension of that style?

But if we’re going chronologically, the gentle ‘Top Deck’ seems to have gone down well with fans. Its delicate nature is certainly to be applauded, as it opens the album with such precision. ‘Always’ immediately follows. It’s a piece that utilises the sort of scuzzy, electronic riffs that gives the band’s guitar-led belters a real edge and uniqueness.

You still get slower tracks that break down the borders of the uptempo stuff — the transition between ‘Boardwalk’ and ‘Maybe California’ exemplifies that tidily. For the moshers, there’s a very welcome anthem in ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’ — definitely another top pick for me.

All in all, it’s one of those albums that really does lay on something for everyone. If that’s a cliché, then here we are, but there’s no doubt that this record deserves to fly up the charts. That’s not the marker of worth in my opinion, as so many dime-a-dozen pop artists usually dominate the Top 40, but go on, The Snuts — you gents should shake up the norm and demonstrate to the nation why indie-rock is so mega.

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’

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