‘Someone Else’ — More In Luv — Single review

With a glossy pop veneer, this funky little indie tune from More In Luv oozes electronic, synth-led melodies and is well worth spinning this week. ‘Someone Else’ is the latest release from the Merseyside four-piece, who are well placed among any playlist that’s brimming with The 1975, Larkins and Fickle Friends.

Image credit: More In Luv via Petty Management

Catchy melodies are clearly their bag and that’s exemplified all too well on this track. This single’s got all the trappings of a tune that could be played right throughout summer, in those bustling bars and out in the beer gardens we’re all itching to be back in. 

It’s got also got this token similarity and familiarity to it too, further showcasing how toe-tapping tracks come simply to these lads. And after a few plays, I’m already sold and I’ll be rinsing it when the good weather kicks in.

Want to hear more from them? Follow them on Facebook and Spotify stat. 

Image credit: More In Luv via Petty Management

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