The launch of EPK writing & consultancy

As I’m hoping you’ll have seen via Instagram, I’m launching a niche offshoot of Record Weekly, to allow artists to call upon me to assist with EPK bio writing. That can be everything from me constructing all the wording for the bio to simply offering some grammar advice. Writing blurb about your own band or solo project might feel a little odd or not be something that’s second nature to you, so I’d be happy to help.


I get a lot of press packs and promotional material sent over from bands and artists. Now and again, the bios simply give a one-liner explanation of where the artist hails from, then the rest is just pasted quotes from radio DJs or reviewers. But there’s so much more that I want to know about a band when I put together interview questions or reviews! So, having that stronger bio to work from would be ideal. That’s why Record Weekly wants to get involved with writing the copy for EPKs that artists may want to strengthen.


I’m not an EPK buff and I don’t usually do any work on them, like PR execs do, but I am a professional marketing copywriter. I break down a bit about my experience on the EPK writing & consultancy page, but I’ve basically been reviewing and writing articles about music since my teens. As I have a degree in English Language and Linguistics, I’m also a safe bet when it comes to my deft command of the written word. That might sound naff, but I reckon it cements why I’d be a good fit to help out.


On the site page I’ve linked to above, there’s a button at the bottom about getting in touch. Use that to send a direct message over Instagram to start the conversation about how to proceed. It might be that you want to have the full bio written for a fee, which is fine. Or it could be that you wouldn’t mind me having a read of what you’ve already got and going from there. That’s equally fine. Just outline it in the message.


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