Interview with Sterling Press

A lockdown project that led to splicing together old band names and peppering their tracks with trumpets… There’s a lot going on for Sterling Press and it’s all very fun indeed. I’ve got an inkling that this is just the beginning for them, too, so let’s get the lowdown.

Image credit: Sterling Press


Hey guys, how are we doing?

We’re good thanks, we’ve been very busy with our release and have been writing a lot.

What are your thoughts about the news from the government about the roadmap out of the pandemic?

It’s obviously amazing for the industry as we can actually begin planning gigs and tours again. Considering we haven’t played for over a year, it’s nice to know it’s finally on the horizon! Hopefully the festivals can go ahead safely too, it’s about time we had those back.

I couldn’t agree more! I’ve chatted to lots of bands since the very first lockdown about how they’ve fared, so I’ll keep this side of things brief. But how have you got on generally? What’s kept you occupied?

In the first lockdown, we worked in Tesco and Morrisons to save up for studio time, but we’ve mostly just been writing music. It’s the only thing we can still do as a band, so we’ve just kept at that and have loads of new music, which is good. We’ve got off pretty lightly compared to some other bands, so it hasn’t been too bad, but obviously we are getting more fed up about it each day.

No doubt. It’s been such an unsettling time. So, enough of the negatives…

How did you form Sterling Press? Where did the name come from?

We formed the band during the first few months of lockdown. We’ve all played in bands together before but this is the first time us four have formed one together.

The name came from an Instagram page called @sceneinbetween, which is like an archive of loads of old, undiscovered bands and we basically merged two names together of bands that don’t exist anymore.

Describe your sound in three words.

Very Fun Times…

Ayeee, very clever! ‘Very Fun Times’ is your latest single and it’s an indie banger. You said it promises a lot of trumpets, but tell us all about what inspired the tune.

All the trumpet stuff came about accidentally, to be honest. Unfortunately, our producer had to isolate while we were recording so we had the studio to ourselves for a week. During that time, we invited Greg’s cousin in to just play a bit of trumpet with us and it ended up sounding very class! We basically just kept adding more and more brass, which eventually led to the whole reprise section being created.

It’s an absolute tune, so everyone needs to spin it ASAP.

Can you let us in on any upcoming 2021 plans?

We have loads more music recorded and even more written, so we’re sorted on that front for a while. Hopefully, when we do our first gigs, we can bring a brass section around the country with us so every show is a proper party. At the moment, we’re just taking each day as it comes because all our plans keep changing. We never thought we would be getting on national radio for our first release, so it’s all very exciting.

Image credit: Sterling Press

Their followers are rising by the day, so make sure you keep up with the comings and goings of Sterling Press on Instagram now. And you can hear their songs on Spotify.

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