The importance of workout playlists

To put it simply, exercise is good for the soul. Of course, it works wonders on the body too, from a physical perspective, but it just calms and centres your mind. That’s why I wanted to write a short piece about the importance of workout playlists here on Record Weekly

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll have spied a folder of story highlights dedicated to gym tunes. While I don’t post everything I play when I work out, I do hit the cardio machines, partake in high and low intensity sessions and do weights consistently and daily throughout the week. I don’t do it because I feel I ought to, and I’m not aiming for a goal at the moment — I just see fitness as key in everyday life. 

It’s for that reason that we’ve started adding a few recommendations to that highlights reel. Music is there to fuel your workouts, whether it’s a slow and meditative instrumental or a thudding metal track that makes you move faster or lift heavier. It’s whatever works for you, but it’s well worth uncovering some sounds that match your rhythm while you’re exercising. 

New to this kind of thing? No problem — I’d urge you to find some form of fitness that’s appealing, then give it a whirl and scour your record collection or streaming platform of choice for some accompanying songs that suit the mood. 

Fitness first!

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