Interview with The Kurbs

Lockdown is gently easing and bands are raring to spring into action with an arsenal of new material up their sleeves. One such group of lads who are eager to get going again is The Kurbs. Come and meet them…

Image credit throughout: The Kurbs


Hey guys, how are you all doing? How has lockdown treated you?

Yes, we’re all doing alright in lockdown! We’ve been missing rehearsals but we are all safe and well.

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of interviewing 25th Hour, so I’m loosely acquainted with Shae already. But tell me about yourselves. How did you all meet and form as The Kurbs? 

We all met at college. Lennon and Luke started together and then Shae joined and we wrote the first few songs. Ben then accompanied us to sing on those tracks and he finally found Jacob, our bassist, through mutual friends.

Now, your insane demo for ‘Feedback’ is available to listen to on your SoundCloud. The drums are solid and underpin the whole track, but those riotous riffs are something else. Can you describe your general sound?

Our sound is inspired by lots of different bands. We’re talking everything from Oasis’ distorted rock anthems to the dreamy reverb guitars you get from the likes of The Smiths. We’ve created a unique rock-and-roll-meets-indie style.

Are you all fans of the same artists or do you each bring a few different interests to the table?

We’re each into different genres of music. Ben and Lennon bond over Oasis, Shae and Lennon listen to (and have met) Mac DeMarco, as well as other indie dream-pop. Luke’s also a big fan of hip-hop like Wu-Tang Clan, while Jacob’s influences span everything from Royal Blood and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Nice one — that’s quite a mix. Your Instagram hints that you’ve been busy writing new material. Can you talk about much of that yet or is it a surprise? Has the lockdown helped afford you some time to work on lots of new sounds? 

We’ve been experimenting during lockdown with some different effects and looking at adding synth parts where we can! 

We’ve been writing new music as well; songs like ‘Get Free Get Out’ and ‘Let It Down’. We will also be releasing some of our live hits such as ‘Mercury Retrograde’ and ‘Silver Spoon’ very soon, so stay tuned. 

What’s next in terms of gigs, as and when they’re on society’s agenda again? 

We have a gig in Manchester with our good friends The Verdict planned for 25th September, which we’re very excited about. We have more music to come in the future as well. We’re working hard ready to rise out of lockdown with bigger and louder gigs on the cards, so get ready and get on your dancing shoes!

The Kurbs, patiently waiting for lockdown to end…

Whether you’re up for a boogie with these gents at one of their gigs or would just settle for new tunes from them for now, you can keep up with The Kurbs on Instagram and SoundCloud.

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