Brief talking point – Tame Impala’s latest album drop

Last Friday saw the zesty, punchy, yet chilled, release of Tame Impala’s latest, and third, studio album, ‘Currents’. The Aussie alternative-indie-dance outfit has produced something pretty pleasing, once again.

It’s hard to pigeonhole this band, because they squeeze into so many mini genres, as well as the larger indie-dance bracket. Tracks such as ‘Eventually’ and ‘The Less I Know The Better’ are testament to this. The former is a slower, more shoegazy offering, contemplating the nature of people being okay as distance enters; a topic I’m sure we can all relate to, yet enjoy learning will, reassuringly, be the case. The latter of the two is far funkier, with cheeky synths that you can’t help but tap along to. Lyrically, it’s so bloody catchy that you get a bit invested in the situation unfolding (so much so, I’m left considering how things go for both Trevor and Heather). Basic riffs accompany angelic tones in a rather awesome fashion.

‘Let It Happen’ and ‘Reality In Motion’ are among other true bangers on the album; many on this collection are slightly reminiscent of an older Hot Chip or a less experimental Yeasayer. However, was I anticipating something with a bit more general oomph? Possibly. 


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