For You The Moon, The Key Club

It’s been 17 months to the day since I last went to a gig. Given that I used to average at two a month, that’s an overwhelmingly shocking statistic (*insert relevant quip about being lost without it*… If you know, you know). But here we are, back in the darkened, grungy hub of rock, The Key Club. 

While this treasured Leeds venue would usually be celebrated for its fairly intimate space, that cosy appeal has been marred by the keep-your-distance desperation of the Coronavirus pandemic. It would be weird if I didn’t mention it and, despite restrictions now being eased in England, it would be equally strange if I didn’t say gigging now comes with a dash of trepidation. But you’ve got to do it — after all, this is what I’ve missed the most. And I also had to see the Slam Dunk Records-signed four-piece, For You The Moon.

For You The Moon, The Key Club, Leeds, 14/08/21

The band is fronted by Isaac Cooter, who jumped on a Zoom call with me back in March. They were a really exciting prospect to have on Record Weekly, so interviewing them was a must. And it was also a pleasure. There was something very wholesome about then having Isaac’s family just in front of me in the crowd — what a superb support system For You The Moon have. They were bopping away, beers in hand, equally as delighted to be there as the boys were to be playing again.

For You The Moon, The Key Club, Leeds, 14/08/21

Now, the band have three tracks available to stream, with ‘eightfortyfive’ being the freshest. I can’t look at a clock around that time without hearing that lyric echo — thanks, lads. Of course, that was incredibly well received in person and the first song played in their 30-minute slot.

The sheer honesty of For You The Moon’s lyrics often bring revelations and realisations with them. The themes are generally relatable and none of that goes astray when they play their tunes outside the studio — they’re just supercharged and amped up, with even more firepower on stage. ‘Lost Without It’ is a great example of how this is done. The band also wheeled out their back catalogue of absolute hits that aren’t yet on Spotify.

For You The Moon, The Key Club, Leeds, 14/08/21

And as the room was reaching peak sweatiness all round, it was suddenly time for just one final track. Unsurprisingly, what was left was the ferocious ‘Talk’, the stellar single that caught my ears back in March and spurred me on to get in touch with the band to tee up an interview. They built up to the track with this teasing instrumental interlude, in turn riling everyone up suitably for the tempo to drop and Isaac’s vocals to seize the lead on that first verse.

For You The Moon, The Key Club, Leeds, 14/08/21

What an epic way to kick-start what I hope is a continued run of events that doesn’t become tediously halted again. For You The Moon are going places, with future headliner vibes for certain. There’s also nothing quite like being at a gig and, somehow, the pandemic faded away within seconds of me emerging into the divine dinginess of The Key Club. I’m chuffed to have a stamp on my wrist again, action shots to scroll through and, maybe most excitingly right now, gigs to review again.

For You The Moon, The Key Club, Leeds, 14/08/21

2 thoughts on “For You The Moon, The Key Club

  1. what a great gig , watching the boys play . all members of the band were on fire.
    sick and bouncing when for you the moon played .
    As the song before they came on stage said it all

    The boys are back in town .

    For you the moon .


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